10 Best Spotify Podcasts to Learn Korean

Are you tired of textbook Korean and want to immerse yourself in the language? Look no further than Spotify podcasts to learn Korean!

You may wonder why you should listen to podcasts to learn Korean?

Not only do Korean podcasts offer the chance to hear native Korean speakers, but they also help you get comfortable with the way real people talk, from the nuances of pronunciation and intonation to the latest colloquial expressions.

Korean podcast on Spotify


Podcasts in Korean cover a variety of topics and can help you learn new vocabulary and understand how to use it, which can improve your language abilities.

Listening to Korean podcasts regularly can greatly improve your ability to understand conversations and dialogues by enhancing your listening comprehension skills.

Let’s take a look at the best Korean podcast for your Korean learning and cultural understanding.

1. Korean teacher : A piece of Korean (한국어 한 조간)

This podcast is created by a professional Korean teacher. The content ranges from easy to difficult levels, covering various topics of daily life.

The podcast features a conversational style between two people, with questions and answers based on the topic of the day.

2. Choisuu’s podcast

This podcast designed for those who struggle with remembering vocabulary and grammar.

Its easy-to-follow format helps you grasp the context and understand vocabulary and grammar structures through the use of Korean sentences related to the topic of the day.

This podcast is suitable for beginners in Korean.

3. Talk to me in Korean podcast

If you’re learning Korean, you should check out “Talk to Me in Korean.” It’s a great podcast with lots of lessons for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

The hosts explain grammar, vocabulary, and culture in a clear and interesting way, so you can really understand Korean.

Plus, you can download the lessons and there’s interactive content too. “Talk to Me in Korean” is a fantastic resource to help you improve your Korean skills and feel more confident speaking in real-life situations.

4. Korean class 101

If you want to master the Korean language, check out “KoreanClass101”. It’s a popular podcast and online learning platform that offers audio and video lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers.

Each lesson covers grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects, with native Korean hosts providing clear explanations and practical examples.

You can also download lesson notes and study tools to review and practice outside of the podcast.

5. SpongeMind Korean podcast

“Spongemind Korean” is an awesome podcast that’s perfect for anyone looking to improve their Korean language skills.

What makes it so great is that it breaks down complex grammar in a way that’s easy to understand.

Plus, the hosts are experienced Korean language educators who offer a structured approach to learning.

They cover a wide range of topics and provide practical examples to help you really grasp the language.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already an intermediate learner, “SpongeMind Korean” is a fantastic resource for honing your skills and gaining confidence in using Korean in everyday situations.

6. Learn Korean and Korean culture

“Learn Korean and Korean Culture” podcasts provide an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in both the language and the diverse cultural aspects of Korea at the same time.

These podcasts take a comprehensive approach to learning by combining language lessons with valuable insights into Korean customs, traditions, and daily life.

You can anticipate a mix of language instruction, cultural stories, and conversations on subjects such as Korean food, history, festivals, and much more.

This two-way approach not only helps you develop language proficiency but also enhances your admiration and comprehension of Korean culture, resulting in a comprehensive and captivating learning experience.

7. Learn Korean with Olivia

If you want to learn Korean, “Learn Korean with Olivia” is a great podcast to check out. Olivia, the host, has a fun and effective teaching style that can help you master the language.

Her podcast probably includes lessons, pronunciation tips, vocabulary building, and cultural information.

She makes learning enjoyable and practical, so you can develop important language skills and learn about Korean culture at the same time.

8. Kingka podcast

The hosts are passionate K-drama fans or experts who provide in-depth conversations about the world of Korean dramas.

The podcast explores different aspects of Korean dramas, such as plot analysis, character development, genre discussions, and recommendations for popular series.

Stay connected with the vibrant and captivating world of Korean television by using this podcast as a fantastic resource.

9. The Seoul patch podcast

“The Seoul Patch Podcast” covers many facets of Seoul, South Korea’s dynamic capital city.

This show covers everything from culture and history to food and modern developments.

Whether you’re planning a trip or just curious about this vibrant metropolis, our engaging discussions, interviews, and stories offer a deeper understanding of Seoul’s unique charm and significance.

10. KBS 라디오 문학관

The KBS Radio Literature Museum is a program or podcast linked with KBS, the Korean Broadcasting System.

It concentrates on literature-related topics, including book discussions, author interviews, literary analysis, and storytelling.

The program promotes and honors Korean literature, both contemporary and classic. If you’re keen on literature and literary discussions in the Korean language, this podcast is an outstanding resource to investigate and enhance your appreciation for Korean literature and culture.

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How to learn Korean by listening to podcasts?

To effectively learn Korean with podcasts, follow these tips:

  1. Select a podcast that aligns with your Korean proficiency level. Choose podcasts tailored to learners or those offering transcripts or translations.

2. Engage actively with the podcast content. Concentrate on grasping the context, the main message, and the way the speakers pronounce words and phrases.

3. Keep a record of any new vocabulary or expressions you encounter. This will aid in remembering them for future use in your speaking and writing.

4. Enhance your pronunciation and intonation by practicing speaking along with the podcast. Try to emulate the speakers’ rhythm and tone to sound more natural to native speakers.

5. To solidify your learning, revisit and review the podcast content. Repeating the newly acquired vocabulary and phrases and incorporating them into your language usage will reinforce your knowledge.

Where can I listen to Korean podcasts?

Listen to Korean podcasts on various platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Podbang, KBS 라디오, and MBC 라디오.

YouTube offers video and audio podcasts, while Spotify and Apple Podcasts provide easy streaming and downloading options.

Podbang is a popular podcast platform in Korea, and KBS 라디오 and MBC 라디오 offer their own radio platforms for Korean language podcasts.

These platforms cater to different interests and language proficiency levels, providing a wealth of options for listening to Korean podcasts.

Can you learn Korean by listening to podcasts?

Listening to podcasts is a valuable tool for learning Korean. It can help improve your pronunciation and understanding of natural conversations with native speakers.

Although it’s not the only way to learn the language comprehensively, it’s an effective supplement to your language studies.

By combining podcast listening with other language learning activities like reading, writing, and structured lessons, you can develop well-rounded proficiency in Korean.

Does listening to Korean while sleeping help?

Experts debate the effectiveness of listening to Korean while sleeping, also known as “subliminal learning” or “sleep learning.”

Although it may seem appealing to absorb knowledge while sleeping, this method’s effectiveness is highly questionable.

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