Best TOPIK test preparation tips for getting High score

Are you ready to take on the TOPIK test but feeling a bit lost on where to start? Whether you’re aiming for TOPIK 1 or TOPIK 2, this comprehensive guide consists of all the TOPIK test preparation tips and tricks you need to ace the test.

I have provided a collection of best books to use for TOPIK test preparation, as well as online courses that will help you reach your goals. Check out the benefits of taking TOPIK test.

Let’s dive in and get started on your TOPIK test prep adventure!


TOPIK Test Preparation Tips

To succeed, it’s crucial to develop a well-structured study plan that maximizes your preparation time and ensures efficient learning.

By following a step-by-step approach and utilizing available resources effectively, you can increase your chances of achieving your desired level of proficiency.

This comprehensive guide will provide detailed explanations for each step, allowing you to create a study plan tailored to your needs and goals.

1. Determine Your TOPIK Level

Are you pursuing higher studies in Korea, fulfilling job requirements, or simply aiming to gauge your Korean language fluency? Check out the list of popular jobs for foreigners in South Korea.

Access your current Korean proficiency level. The TOPIK test consists of 6 levels, from TOPIK I (Level 1 and 2) to TOPIK II (Level 3, 4, 5 and 6). TOPIK I is for beginners and TOPIK II for Intermediate and advanced learners.

Accessing your current Korean language skills will help you to choose the right TOPIK level easily.
This will be your primary goal.

Check out ways to set realistic TOPIK goals.

You shouldn’t be aiming for a goal too high or too low. By having a clear objective, you can tailor your study plan accordingly and allocate the necessary time, effort, and TOPIK resources.

2. Establish a timeline

Decide on a date and set a clear deadline. Keep in mind the exam dates and registration deadlines.
Access the time that you have available for the TOPIK test preparation.

Typically, beginners preparing for TOPIK I need 5-6 months, while those aiming for TOPIK II should allocate 1-2 years. The higher the goal you may require longer preparation periods.

If you require a TOPIK test score urgently, you might want to check out the top best TOPIK resources I’ve prepared for you.

3. Use only best TOPIK resources

To achieve your desired TOPIK level you need different study materials depending on your level.
These may include textbooks, workbooks, online courses or language exchange partners on apps.

It’s best to choose resources that match your learning. If you don’t enjoy what you are learning then what’s the point.

Check out the best TOPIK resources I’ve listed down for you.

Whether you are looking forward to work or study in Korea, you need TOPIK test certificate for visa and future career prospects.

Check the TOPIK age limit, eligibility, TOPIK levels and the latest TOPIK schedule 2023 to register for TOPIK your country.

Check out the best TOPIK books, resources and study tips.

Good luck!

4. Adapt a study plan

Tailor your study plans according to your goals. For achieving high scores, have an intensive plan with daily practice and regular assessments. For the lower level, you can relax a bit. Follow a few but good resources and that’s it.

Create a daily schedule to improve your TOPIK reading, listening and writing skills.
Looking for the best book for TOPIK writing? You don’t need to spend more bucks. I’ve got your back.

Finding it difficult to make your own TOPIK study plan? I’ve provided that for you as well.

5. Study previous TOPIK test papers

This is a no brainer. But, unfortunately there aren’t many test papers available for you to practice. Those can be a good way to have a little sneak peak of the actual test over the years.

The best tip is to get in touch with your previous test takers who might help you access the difficulty level or things you might need to keep in mind. Study from the books especially designed for TOPIK test takers.

By implementing these steps and revising your study plan as needed, you can steadily progress towards your TOPIK goals. Consistency, perseverance, and a well-rounded approach to language learning will contribute to your success in the final exam.

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