Complete TOPIK Schedule 2023

The 2023 TOPIK test will be conducted six times in Korea and three times overseas.

The TOPIK test schedule for 2023 includes the 86th, 87th, 88th, 89th, 90th, and 91st TOPIK tests.

You can register for TOPIK in Korea or in your country. The process for registration is fairly simple.

There is no specific eligibility criteria for applying for the TOPIK test.

Keeping in mind you fulfill the registration requirements which differ for each country.

2023 TOPIK TEST SCHEDULE (2023년 토픽 시험 일정)

TOPIK ExamRegistrationTest DateResultsLocation
86th TOPIK6th – 12th December, 2022January 29, 2023February 23Korea
87th TOPIK7th – 13th February, 2023April 8 -9, 2023May 25Korea/Overseas
88th TOPIK7th – 13th March, 2023May 14, 2023June 22Korea
89th TOPIK30th May – 5th June, 2023July 8-9, 2023August 17Korea/Overseas
90th TOPIK1st – 7th August, 2023October 14-15, 2023November 30Korea/Overseas
91st TOPIK5th – 11th September, 2023November 12, 2023December 14Korea

Check the TOPIK test location outside Korea and contact the Korean embassy or cultural centre of your country, for any other relevant information.

You can visit their website or reach out to them via email or phone call.

Whether you are looking forward to work or study in Korea, you need TOPIK test certificate for visa and future career prospects.

Check the TOPIK age limit, eligibility, TOPIK levels and the latest TOPIK schedule 2023 to register for TOPIK your country.

Check out the best TOPIK books, resources and study tips.

Good luck!

2023 TOPIK Speaking Test Schedule(토픽 말하기 평가)

ExamRegistrationTest DateResultsLocation
2nd TOPIK speaking test11th – 21st April, 202317th June, 202320th July, 2023Korea
3rd TOPIK speaking test13th – 23rd June, 202319th August, 202321st September, 2023Korea

2023 TOPIK IBT Test Schedule (토픽 IBT)

TOPIK ExamRegistrationTest DateResultsLocation
1st TOPIK IBT19th – 29th September, 202318th November, 202319th December, 2023Korea

Starting from 2023, the TOPIK Speaking Test and TOPIK IBT will only be conducted in Korea.

The TOPIK results announced on the official TOPIK website at 15:00 KST on the specified dates.


TOPIK Registration Fees

In Korea, the registration fee for TOPIK-I is around 40,000 KRW or $40.

TOPIK-II it is 55,000 KRW or $55, and for the speaking test, it is 80,000 KRW or $80.

The registration fees may differ for each country.

Select the desired test level and complete the payment of the registration fee. You can find detailed instructions and guidelines on the official TOPIK website

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